Collaboration of HISTORIA AGRARIA and SUSTAINABILITY journals with the XVI Conference of the Sociedad de Estudios de Historia Agraria – VII Encontro Rural Report: Transitions in Agriculture and Rural Society. The Global Challenges of Rural History



On occasion of the International Conference: Transitions in Agriculture and Rural Society. The Global Challenges of Rural History, XVI Conference of the Sociedad de Estudios de Historia Agraria (SEHA) – VII Rural RePort Meeting (Santiago de Compostela, June 20th to 23th), Historia Agraria (, SEHA’s journal, invites participants in the Conference to send articles and special issues proposals after the discussions held on the Conference.

Historia Agraria would wish all the participants and persons attending the event a stimulating Conference and a happy stay in Santiago de Compostela.



All Abstracts and/or Short Papers accepted by the Transitions in the Agriculture and Rural Society. The Global Challenges of Rural History. II International Congress are eligible for publication on the Special Issue “Selected Papers from the 2nd International Conference on Transitions in Agriculture and Rural Society. The Global Challenges of Rural History” in journal Sustainability. For further reading, please follow the link to the Special Issue Website.

Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050; CODEN: SUSTDE) is an international, cross-disciplinary, scholarly and open access journal of environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability of human beings. Sustainability provides an advanced forum for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development, and is an SCIE and SSCI (Web of Science) journal published monthly online by MDPI. The Impact Factor for Sustainability is 1.789 (2016).

Sustainability will offer 20% discount of the article processing charge (APC) to the authors who wish to submit their conference papers to the journal (only applies if the article is accepted for publication).


Best Paper Award

Update 26/07/2018

The Evaluation Committee, formed by Lourenzo Fernández Prieto, Manuel González de Molina and Vicente Pinilla, decided to give the Best Paper Award to the paper “La gestión de los recursos comunes –playas y aguas- en las Rías gallegas. La experiencia del siglo XX” presented by Ángel Ignacio Fernández González.

The program committee may designate 1-3 papers accepted to Sustainability as Best Paper(s). Every submission is automatically eligible for this award.

The award will consist of:

  • 300 U.S. Dollar
  •  An offer to publish a paper free of charge in the next two years in Sustainability after peer review

Evaluation Committee:

  • Lourenzo Fernández Prieto (President of the Organizing Committee)
  • Manuel González de Molina (President of the SEHA, Sociedad de Estudios de Historia Agraria)
  • Vicente Pinilla Navarro (Director of Historia Agraria)