Simultánea 107

S107Desarrollo agrario de los países en desarrollo en una perspectiva transnacional / Agricultural development of developing countries into a transnational perspective

Francesco Dandolo, Filippo Di Iorio

22/06/2018, 9.00-11.00h

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  • The Green Revolution: Science, Politics and Unintended Consequences – Ray Douglas Hurt

  • Agricultural development of developing countries into a transnational perspective – Filippo Di Iorio, Francesco Dandolo

  • The collapse of Zimbabwe commercial tobacco industry and rise of tobacco contract farming – Ruvarashe Masocha

  • Agricultural development in Italy and in developing countries in the thought of Giorgio Ceriani Sebregondi, 1950-1958 – Giovanni Farese

  • Integrated development and basic needs approach: analysis of its application to rural areas (1965-1985) – Javier Calatrava Requena

  • The transformation of African Agriculture through Switzerland-Zimbabwe Agricultural programme in the 1980s – Susan Ziki

  • “The effects of globalization: migration flows in Southern Italy, from 1989 to present” – Renato Raffaele Amoroso, Francesco Dandolo

  • The role of cooperative enterprises in the agricultural development of Northeast Italy – Mario Robiony, Andrea Cafarelli, Enos Costantini