Participants with accepted abstracts must submit the full paper through the conftool platform as a necessary condition to participate in the conference. Simply access “Your Submissions” and select the option “Upload contribution”.

descarga Attending to your requests regarding the deadline for sending full papers, we have decided to extend it until May 13th, 2018 at 24h.


In order for the papers submitted to have a consistent format we provide participants with a template to be found on the website. However, since it is not planned  for the proceedings to be published, the Organization does not make any restrictions regarding the style of the papers (font type, size …).

Nonetheless, in order to facilitate the reading of papers and participation in the debates, the Organizing Committee suggests that the papers do not exceed 10,000 words.

We plan to enable the conftool system to send full papers as soon as possible.


Please note that every person attending the conference must be registered. Also note that registration fees are paid on a per person basis; in the case of co-authored papers to be presented by several authors, each author attending the conference must be registered.

Failure to register (including failure to pay the fees) of all of the authors of a paper will lead to its withdrawal.

Certificates of participation and attendance will be issued during the conference. No certificates will be sent thereafter.